My Writing


Personal Essays

“I point my cameraphone at the boy who is chasing a pair of robins across the park with his newly minted stagger-walk.”

A short essay about the weirdness of parenting.



“If I died today, my two-year-old son would lose all memory of me.”

Cheery thoughts late at night, the first draft tapped out on my iPhone as I nursed Alasdair in the dark. Bonus: cute pic of his chubby baby legs.



“No dainty wilting violet, he. His whole body thunks to the floor. He can’t see. He can’t hear. He can’t speak. He can’t think. And here I am, new to the scene, with my notions gleaned from Victorian novels: fainting couches and smelling salts and fluttery ladies caught by dashing gentleman at the most romantically opportune moment.”

Hmm, I guess I write about death a lot?



  • “Not So Gladly Teach,” in Moving On: Essays on the Aftermath of Leaving Academia [the whole anthology is available on Kindle here], Kathleen Miller, Julie Cmiel, Lauren Whitehead, Jet, eds., 2014

“A colleague in the office where I work is retiring next month. I asked her what she is looking forward to most. “Sunday nights,” she said immediately. “I spend so much time stressing about work on Monday that I’ve never gotten to enjoy them.”

An essay about discovering my calling—or rather, discovering what my calling isn’t, which is almost as useful.



Other Kinds of Writing


  • Op-ed, Iowa City Press-Citizen, October 6, 2016

“Please indulge me as I tell a tale of the olden days.”

Occasionally I get riled up and write an op-ed for the local paper. No one listens to me, though (clearly).


Stay tuned! More writing to be added soon!